TheToonHeadz Caricatures

TheToonheadz is super passionate about caricature. Every artist on board full heartily loves caricature. With this, we can offer you a huge range of different styles of caricature. We can draw super fun to extremely silly but always creating fun entertainment for your guests.

“TheToonHeadz offers super fun to extremely silly caricatures”

Our goal goes beyond just entertaining and creating, but getting people to understand caricature on a whole new level. We love educating people of the new direction of caricature and the history of it. Our passion for caricature runs deep and we love sharing it with people.


“Caricature projects all the infinite possibilities of the likeness of a subject and amplifying those features with exaggeration”

What is Caricature?


Exaggeration and Likeness are the key ingredients for executing a caricature. The likeness is recognizable. Something that relates to a person. Exaggeration is giving more attention to those features that are relative to someone. You can sometimes think about exaggeration as an exclamation mark. You’re making a point on why that feature is relative to the likeness of a person.

In reality, people do this every day. They’re not drawing out a caricature on paper per se, but they are definitely doing this unconsciously. The science behind this is, when we meet someone, our brains are quickly trying to translate a way to recognize that person. In a matter of seconds, every feature that makes that person recognizable is heightened in order to retain a memory. So every feature is exaggerated. A longer nose becomes longer. Smaller eyes become smaller. Every feature that makes up a person has now amplified in order for us to retain that information about that person.

Caricature artists have had to train themselves and tune in on that unconscious thought. The artist has to constantly think ” what makes this person them?” The amazing thing is that question is never answered with just one idea, but hundreds and maybe even thousands. Not only that, but the artist has to also exaggerate those ideas and keep it in compassion to that person.

A lot of people get confused with distortion and exaggeration. You might think of caricature as, ” Oh, they’re just going to draw me with a big nose!” Well, the answer to that is, do you have a big nose? Exaggeration is with the purpose of the subject. While distortion is making features bigger or smaller for no reason. Say for instance, that you draw someone with big lips and they have small lips, you’re distorting a feature and losing the likeness in the process.

The History of Caricature

Caricature art has been around for a while! Almost 500-600 years of a while!
The caricature was usually first used to make satirical political cartoons. You can see that caricature then was not only a way to point out political objections throughout history but a funny way to bring people together through a laugh. Humor has always been a big influence on human beings and caricature art has always had a goal to revise that idea. The idea that everyone can come together through laughter, no matter the circumstance.

Caricature is still a huge influence in political cartooning, but it wasn’t until recently that it was a means to entertaining people on the spot. You can now find caricature artist drawing people at theme parks, festivals, parties, and even weddings with the main goal still in mind, to bring people together in laughter. We like to call them live caricature artists. They are not only creating art but doing this in a matter of minutes to entertain the people watching the magic happen.

Live Caricature

Live Caricature has now become a popular option for events and parties. Live caricature offers a way for guests to marvel in the process of the creation of art and having a fun laugh about it. Each drawing should only take around a couple of minutes so the artist can keep entertaining the guest with a new subject to draw. It’s great entertainment for an event.

Recently, caricature has taken a new direction and it’s exciting. Caricature is now not limited to one particular style, but now allowing the artist to create their own expression and style of their own. Exaggeration has now been taken to new heights and giving a chance for people to laugh harder at a drawing.

In this day of age, people have become vain and objecting themselves towards our appearance. It’s almost become some sort of epidemic to morph ourselves into looking like some model or celebrity. People have forgotten about celebrating uniqueness and appreciating differences. Well, you won’t find that in caricature. If anything caricature glorifies uniqueness towards a whole new level. Caricature allows us to celebrate our differences and appreciate ourselves for who we are. Not only that, but still using the same goal in mind- to bring us together through laughter.

Looking for More Information?

If you require more information on the art of caricature you can always check out A.J. Jensen’s YouTube Channel TheToonHeadz.

AJ sheds his ideas about caricature and tackles ways on how to draw caricatures. He has been teaching caricature for the past four years and has actually hosted a seminar for the International Society of Caricature Artists.