Festivals & Events

Festivals and Events Caricature is used at festivals and events for entertainment and souvenirs for the guests. This adds a more entertaining environment to any festival or event, allowing guests a whole new level of fun. A caricature is excellent for promoting and marketing as well. With each caricature a guest receives, it leaves a lasting and unique experience. Not only that, the guest gets to take a bit of that experience home with them so they can share it amongst their friends and family. This will always create a conversation circling around the festival or event, giving the opportunity of more attendance for your next festival or event. TheToonHeadz has even gone a step above by adding your personalized logo to be printed on the paper we use to draw caricatures. Your logo will serve as a memory key, so your guest will never forget where they got their caricature. Caricature not only serves as an entertainment value but marketing and promotional value as well. So allow your guest to be amazed by the art of caricature and your festival and event will be marketed as well.

“If you want creative entertainment at your event or festival, adding TheToonHeadz will definitively boost the fun! Our artists bring their creativity and amazing personalities to entertain a crowd!”

Caricature is perfect for entertaining any event you are hosting. TheToonHeadz has been invited to entertain events such as:

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Reunions
  • Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs
  • Grand Openings
  • Baby Showers
  • Bachelor/Bachourlette Parties
  • Conventions
  • And Many More!


TheToonHeadz attends numerous festivals or event all throughout the South-East. You may have already seen us drawing at a festival or event before. If you’re wanting to pay us a visit and come get drawn, here are some of the festivals we will be attending at his year.

Booking TheToonHeadz for Festivals

TheToonHeadz offers a fantastic way to have us at your festivals. You can book us to come out and draw each guest for free! This will create a perfect marketing strategy for your festival. We also offer numerous ways to have each guest remember their experience at your festival by adding Logo Prints for promotional and marketing purposes.

Logo Prints

TheToonHeadz has taken marketing to a whole new level by printing your customized logo or slogan on the paper we use to draw caricatures. This is a sensational way of promoting and marketing your company, event, festival, towards each guest that receives a caricature.

“Caricature is a sensational way of promoting and marketing your company, event, or festival!”

The beauty of this marketing technique is that each caricature is displayed in a house or business, your logo will always be next to the caricature! This will always create a reminder of where the caricature was created.

Giving your event or festival a very great opportunity for more attendance for your next festival or event.

Promotion and Marketing

Festivals or Events Promoting your event or festival is easy with TheToonHeadz. The art of Caricature is an exceptional way of entertaining your guests. It’s also a great way to promote your festival and event. We do this in a number of ways listed below. TheToonHeadz offers a substantial way of marketing and promoting by:

  • Boosting your Festival or Event with entertainment value by “drawing in crowds” with laughs and fun
  • Giving Free caricatures to your guests as a souvenir for your Festival or Event
  • Printing a customized Logo or Slogan that represents your Festival or Event
  • Gives your guests a memory of your Festival or Event
  • Exposes your Event or Festival when guests post their caricature on social media
  • Highlights your Festival or Event with respect from the guests